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We want our homecare aides to be fully capable of tackling multiple tasks for clients as needed. The ongoing trainings offered will incorporate not only the duties and responsibilities homecare aides will need but as well as the know-how to tackle issues they face while providing services. Homecare aides will, at times, be required to help the client’s family members by assisting them to learn how to better take care of the client and guiding them regarding the client’s routine, medication and nutrition. A homecare aide would be expected to be aware of and adhere to current home care policies, procedures and professional standards.



CNA or Homemakers duties may include, but not limited to: 
  1. Personal Care (bathing, feeding, dressing, grooming and hygiene) and meal Planning and preparation
  2. Home Care (light housekeeping) and companionship
  3. Engage client in activities and provide socialization
  4. Assisting in errands (shopping) and appointments

 Pre-Service Trainings 

Pre-service trainings are only for candidates who have been through the initial interview process. Please call your local office for information on training dates.Training Topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Communication skills, including communicating with special client populations such as the hearing impaired and clients with dementia or other special needs.
  2. Observation, reporting and documentation of client status and of the service furnished.
  3. Performance of specific service components of in-home services, including personal care tasks for clients that are not medical in nature (e.g shaving,hair shampooing and combing, bathing and sponge bath, shower bath or tub bath,toileting,dressing,nail care, respiratory services,brushing and cleaning teeth or dentures and preparation of appropriate supplies,positioning/transferring client and assisting client with exercise/range of motion).
  4. Ability to assist in the use of specific adaptive equipment, if the aide will be working with clients who use the device.
  5. Basic hygiene and basic infection control practices.
  6. Maintenance of a clean, safe and healthy environment.
  7. Basic personal and environmental safety precautions.
  8. Use of seclusion and restraint.
  9. Recognizing emergencies and knowledge of emergency procedures.
  10. Confidentiality of client personal, financial and health information.
  11. Knowledge and understanding of abuse and neglect prevention and reporting requirements.
  12. Respiratory services and Emergency situations.



Requirements for Homecare Aide 

The requirements for a Homecare Aide are listed below:

  1. High school diploma or equivalent required or Previous experience as a Homecare Aide for relative or any agency
  2. Documentation of a physical examination
  3. Have a clear background check at the time of hiring
  4. Is not listed in the excluded provider from the federal Department of Health and Human Services.
  5. Successful completion of pre-service trainingValid driver’s license with a safe and verifiable driving record(Optional) 

Training schedule 

We have a proper training schedule. Pre-Service Trainings are offered at all locations on bi-weekly basis from 9am to 5pm for three consecutive days. Pre-Service Trainings are occasionally offered on Saturday and Sunday if needed from 8am to 8pm.

Home care Aide is required to attend 12 hours of in-service training during employment. Each year the dates will be announced in January and the information is available at local offices.

In-Service Training are offered from 9:00AM to 1:30PM

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