We received more than 600 applications for our iPad Giveaway. Initially, 100 Homecare Aides were to be selected for this competition. Because of the volume of applications we received, the administration decided to increase the number of winners from 100 to 150. The additional 50 winners will receive tablets. Criteria for selection was based on punctuality, ability to follow directions and maintain professional relationships with clients, and overall work performance during 2020.

Full Name


iPad / Tablet 

Location Manager

Aaishah Siddeeqah Bolingbrook iPad Saima Khan
Aayesha Mubeen Katrawala Skokie Tablet Nazima Majed
Afsheen Khan Mount Prospect Tablet Nazima Majed
Ali Khaja Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Amir Unnisa Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Amna Khan Bolingbrook Tablet Saima Khan
Anabel Salas Melrose iPad Nicole Gray
Anita Sasson-Michel Skokie Tablet Nazima Majed
Ansa Iqbal Albany iPad Aashiya Shaikh
Aparna Paul Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Ariday Conejo Elgin iPad Bindal Shah
Asma Lashkariya Chicago Tablet Anam Sharaf
Atheel Fawzi Al Khafaji Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Audrey E. Gonzalez-Tenorio Justice iPad Yesenia Valladares
Baljinder Kaur Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Balwinder Bharadrwaj Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Bharti R. Patel Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Brian Rahe Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Claudine Mccarroll Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Crisanta Blanco Lombard Tablet Asia Patton
Delfina Patricia Zabaleta Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Dina Aquino Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Dipaben B. Patel Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Disrael Cannhez Justice iPad Yesenia Valladares
Elizabeth Herrera Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Faisal Abbas Elgin iPad Bindal Shah
Falguni Shah Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Farheen Viquar Bolingbrook Tablet Saima Khan
Farrukh Ansari Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Fatema Hamideh Justice iPad Yesenia Valladares
Fatima Ahmed Justice iPad Yesenia Valladares
Faustina Palomares Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Fauzia Sojela Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Fnu Zareena Birgis Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Fozia Chaudhry Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Gaukhar Lapezo Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Gitaben Shah Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Grishma Chaudhari Hanover Tablet Samina Kashif
Gulzar Surani Skokie Tablet Nazima Majed
Hajra Patel Albany iPad Aashiya Shaikh
Hetalben Patel Melrose iPad Nicole Gray
Hina Moten Skokie Tablet Nazima Majed
Ibtisam Alafif Justice iPad Yesenia Valladares
Ila Varma Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Jasmina Imsirovic Albany iPad Aashiya Shaikh
Janice M.Brown Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Jasemine Robinson Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Jaspreet Rehal Bolingbrook iPad Saima Khan
Julia Masihi Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Juliet Audisho Skokie Tablet Nazima Majed
Justina Beltran Justice iPad Yesenia Valladares
Jyotika Chokshi Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Kaneez Fatima Lombard Tablet Asia Patton
Kanisha Patel Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Kavita Haryani Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Kavita Nitant raut Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Khadija Hagos Albany iPad Aashiya Shaikh
Kiran Khalil Skokie Tablet Nazima Majed
Kozeta Tollko Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Kulwinder Shergill Elgin iPad Bindal Shah
Latonya Burton Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Lidia Flores Dominguez Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Maliha Madda Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Manal AlMahayri Hanover Tablet Samina Kashif
Manishaben Patel Mount Prospect Tablet Nazima Majed
Manu Sebastian Elgin iPad Bindal Shah
Maria Arambula Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Maria D. Martines Elgin iPad Bindal Shah
Maria Erazo Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Mariah Del Valle Melrose iPad Nicole Gray
Martha E. Torres Melrose iPad Nicole Gray
Martha S. Garcia Melrose iPad Nicole Gray
Mary Medina Elgin iPad Bindal Shah
Maryam Yasin Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Maryna Verymiyenko Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Mehmuda Menk Chicago Tablet Anam Sharaf
Melvirtis Little Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Memona Khalid Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Menal H. Hamed Albany iPad Aashiya Shaikh
Mohammed Alyan Hanover Tablet Samina Kashif
Mohammed Irfan Hussaini Bolingbrook Tablet Saima Khan
Mohammed Murtuza Khan Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Molly Sott Justice iPad Yesenia Valladares
Muhammad Mansoor Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Muhammad Noman Khan Bolingbrook iPad Saima Khan
Muhammad Raza Syed Bolingbrook Tablet Saima Khan
Munawar Sultana Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Munir Maskatiya Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Mussarat Shah Hanover Tablet Samina Kashif
Nadja Hurst Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Nawal Al Katout Justice iPad Yesenia Valladares
Nayyar Aamir Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Nazmin Tai Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Nelofur Shakir Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Nicole Holik Justice iPad Yesenia Valladares
Nikita U. Amin Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Nilofer Shabab Qureshi Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Noreen Bhatti Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Noshin Abbasi Elgin iPad Bindal Shah
Olga Astakhova Elgin iPad Bindal Shah
Olubukunayo Adelowo Melrose iPad Nicole Gray
Oparajita Orthi Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Pajak Iraida Lombard Tablet Asia Patton
Parul Patel Bolingbrook iPad Saima Khan
Jayur Patel Hanover Tablet Samina Kashif
Payal Patel Hanover Tablet Samina Kashif
Claudia Perez Albany iPad Aashiya Shaikh
Pritty Patel Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Priyanka Mount Prospect Tablet Nazima Majed
Qiana Nelson Melrose iPad Nicole Gray
Rachel Jimenez Penca Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Raquel Garcia Elgin iPad Bindal Shah
Ravinder Patel Mount Prospect Tablet Nazima Majed
Regina Hall Lombard Tablet Asia Patton
Rehana Shaheen Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Richoe Dolma Rupa Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Rizwan Hashmi Chicago Tablet Anam Sharaf
Rukhsana P. Mahmood Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Ruksana Hawa Skokie Tablet Nazima Majed
Ruth Lopez Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Saima Zubair Bolingbrook Tablet Saima Khan
Salma Mustak Patel Chicago Tablet Anam Sharaf
Samimbanu Siraj Patel Chicago iPad Anam Sharaf
Samira Nathani Skokie Tablet Nazima Majed
Sana H. Sheikh Mount Prospect Tablet Nazima Majed
Sana Mobin Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Sandra Ciaramita Lombard Tablet Asia Patton
Sanjita Tiwari Bolingbrook Tablet Saima Khan
Sara J. Magallanes Melrose iPad Nicole Gray
Selina Sultana Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Shabnam Shakeil Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Shaikh Thahair Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Shamiram Yousif Albany iPad Aashiya Shaikh
Sibtain Samiya Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Sitara Yahya Chicago Tablet Anam Sharaf
Sunita Rai Bolingbrook iPad Saima Khan
Tania Berry Lombard iPad Asia Patton
Tasneem Khan Skokie iPad Nazima Majed
Teresa Rodriguez Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Trupti Shah Skokie Tablet Nazima Majed
Urszula Konopko Hanover iPad Samina Kashif
Viren Patel Mount Prospect Tablet Nazima Majed
Yolanda Castro Justice iPad Yesenia Valladares
Yolanda Cifuentes Melrose Tablet Nicole Gray
Zarna Dilip Parikh Mount Prospect Tablet Nazima Majed
Zaynab Gadelhak Albany iPad Aashiya Shaikh
Zemina Cuturic Albany iPad Aashiya Shaikh