Staff Meeting 2023 Recognitions

What an incredible year it has been! At our recent annual staff meeting, we had the pleasure of recognizing the outstanding contributions of our dedicated team members who have truly gone above and beyond in shaping the success of Sahara Homecare. 

We are honored to announce the following recognitions/promotions for the year of 2023:

Quality Work Award: 

  • Nilofer Patel- Chicago Location
  • Shehla Ansari- Hanover Park Location
  • Courtney Wilbrandt- Elgin Location

Most Referrals:

  • Humema Zainuddin- Lombard Location 
  • Nepaben Patel- Mount Prospect Location 

Most Creative: 

  • Rashid Khan- Albany Park Location
  • Saima Karim- Lombard Location

Outstanding Performance: 

  • Mustafa Ismail- Skokie Location
  • Sana Abbasi- Skokie Location
  • Sana Asif- Chicago Location
  • Nathalie Nunez- Melrose Park Location
  • Mehwish Rizvi- Hanover Park Location
  • Azamath Unnisa- Bolingbrook Location
  • Ayeda Ahmed- Justice Location
  • Jennifer Reyeslovos- Albany Park Location
  • Jigarkumar Shah- Mount Prospect Location
  • Falguni Patel- Crystal Lake Location
  • Eliya Rizvi- Lombard Location 

Special Recognition by TTP

  • Mariam Memon- Bolingrook Location
  • Samreen Rafique- Skokie Location
  • Shaheen Ajmeri- Hanover Park Location 
  • Maryam Dayala- Lombard Location
  • Chhaya Chitalia- Chicago Location
  • Misbah Javed- Melrose Park Location
  • Ibtisam Alafif- Justice Location 
  • Faejabanu Patel- Albany Park Location
  • Courtney Wilbrandt- Elgin Location
  • Afshan Ali- Mount Prospect Location
  • Brittany Potter- Crystal Lake Location 

Perfect Attendance

  • Najma Hanif- Bolingbrook Location
  • Arely Gonzalez- Crystal Lake Location 


  • Ankita Bhatt- CCP Supervisor MTP Location
  • Joselyn Jimenez- CCP Supervisor In-Charge Elgin Location 

Employee of the Year

  • Faiq Siddiqui- Pakistan Team

Location of the Year

  • Hanover Park

A heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of you! Your dedication, creativity, and hard work have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for being an integral part of Sahara Homecare’s success story. Here’s to another year of achievements and growth together!