Asad Ullah Chaudhry, founder of AUC Techonologies, a consulting company based in Karachi, Pakistan that provides coaching, mentoring, training & development and product development, trained Sahara staff members on Design Thinking Innovation.

Mr. Chaudhry has a background in Project Management and received a Master’s degree in major program management from Oxford University. He characterized the Design Thinking concept as “an innovative way of thinking” and “a way to create something that will differentiate” from other companies that offer the same services or product.

The workshop included several exercises that forced staff members to “think outside the box” and come up with different and creative ways to complete a task or solve a problem. Staff members pitched and evaluated potential ideas for services and/or products.

“I enjoyed the interaction of participants,” Mr. Chaudhry said in reference to his experience training Sahara staff. “They were receptive and reciprocal in terms of giving feedback and utilizing the content instantly.”

If the opportunity arises, he would like to conduct additional workshops with Sahara such as Decision Making and Personality Assessment.

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